New Year's Resolutions 2014

no snacking  

I just re-read my New Year's resolutions for 2013. Hmmm … I made three: 1) get rid of junk food and eat healthier; 2) walk and exercise daily; 3) finish a book.

I thought if I ate healthier and exercised regularly I'd lose weight. Except I didn't really “resolve to lose weight” because that should have been the by-product of a healthier lifestyle. I think I've been eating more and drinking more this past year and really haven't exercised much at all. Subsequently I have gained, instead of lost weight. Bummer. I could come up with all sorts of excuses, but really, there are no valid ones. I'm lazy.

I did finish a book, Caribbean Stories. Now available for your perusing pleasure. We have several more e-books in the hopper and completing at least one more e-book is on this year's resolutions list.


Caribbean Stories Cover

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Okay … looks like everything from 2013 goes back on the resolutions list for 2014 (sigh!) … along with drinking more water (versus wine and beer). Lin vows to drink only one glass of one per day.


lin with wine glass


Maybe being back on the boat will make the process easier. At least, I'll have to walk to the store to get junk food instead of riding. No, no, no …. no more junk food. Okay … I'm resolved.

I'm also resolved to depart tomorrow evening for Adelaide to join David on Nine of Cups … at last. This is one resolution that's easy to keep on my part. There's just one hiccup. It's 19F/-7C and expected to get colder. There's a winter storm/blizzard in progress … a true Nor'easter … that is predicted to dump 8-14” of snow on us … maybe more. May the gods show pity on me and get me home. Stay tuned.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …

Ten hearts a'leapin

Nine frantic fixes

Eight bulky boat parts

Seven quests for hardware

Six shiny shackles

Five I miss you's

Four galley updates

Three e-mailed errands

Two bigger duffels and a

Christmas morning greeting on Skype