You've Been Flocked


Remember TP'ing when you were a kid? It's probably still done. Trees and bushes were wrapped and draped in toilet paper. It rains and the toilet paper gets soggy and makes a mess which is not easily cleaned up. It wasn't a nice look, nor was it particularly neighborly. Well, I noticed something different the other day and of course, Lin had to explain to me what it was.


you've been flocked


“You've been flocked” read the big sign on someone's lawn. I read it twice to make sure I was reading the correct “F” word. Plastic, vibrantly pink flamingos, a rather large flock of them, graced someone's front lawn. Tacky as they are, I'm told it's kind of a compliment to the folks who have been flocked.

I thought it was kind of cute.


flamingos on sale


Then, being budget-minded, I found an ad for pink flamingos on sale: $5 apiece and there must have been 20 of them on the lawn I saw. Assuming, of course, they bought the birds on sale, does that mean someone, or a flock of someones, spent $100 to do this tacky deed? Perhaps, they recoup them after awhile and reuse them on someone else's lawn? Perhaps it's a progressive flocking, where the flockee collects the flamingos, adds a few more and becomes the flocker somewhere else. Obviously, they've got a bigger budget than we do. Now, would you enter that budget expense under “entertainment” or “gifts”? Just wondering.