A Compendium of Collectives

I know this is a weird topic, but it's one I get a kick out of. You probably already know that a “collective” noun is a single word that denotes a group of individuals...like a herd of buffalo. Well, these collective designations fascinate me. A “mob” of kangaroos or a “gaggle” of geese. Unfortunately, some animals don't have a collective specific to them or the collective noun assigned to them is boring. This came to mind when I looked outside at my sister's snow-covered back yard this morning and saw a “flock” of turkeys. Flock is pretty much used for all birds … how boring. How about a “trot” of turkeys or “snood” or something a bit more imaginative? Anyhow, I spent time putting together a page on our website … just for collectives I've collected. When I couldn't find an appropriate collective or didn't like the “assigned” one, I just made one up … because I can. Here's a sample and check out the website for more.


collective_zeal of zebras

 A Zeal of Zebras


collective_trot of turkeys

A Trot of Turkeys


collective_skulk of foxes

A Skulk of Foxes


collective_lounge of lizards

A Lounge of Lizards


collective_homeliness of warthogs

A Homeliness of Warthogs


collective_fright of iguanas

A Fright of Iguanas


collective_flange of  baboons

A Flange of Baboons


collective_fistfull of dollars

A Fistfull of Dollars


collective_charm of hummingbirds

A Charm of Hummingbirds

What's your favorite? Got any improvements, creative suggestions or animals I haven't included?


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