Best Pictures of 2013

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on all that we've captured in photographs during the past 12 months. It's hard to believe that only a year ago we were in Tasmania celebrating the holidays, then sailed through the Bass Strait to Adelaide, South Australia ... and then spent the rest of the year in the States. Though we were somewhat confined in our travels, we still managed some short, but interesting trips in America. Here are our picks for the best photos from 2013 … not in any special order. We'd like your input, too. Any favorite pix or blogs?  

dolphin ballet


Dolphin Ballet – On the passage between Deal Island and King Island in the Bass Strait, we had an escort of dolphins for hours.


kelp and cows


Kelp and Cows – Just a fun shot of cows munching on kelp at Stokes Point on King Island, Bass Strait, Tasmania


colorado view


Colorado view from the top of Berthoud Pass at the Continental Divide


motif 1 cape ann


Motif #1 at Rockport Harbor, Cape Ann, Massachusetts


old and new


Old and New – reflection of Boston's Trinity Church (1870s) in the mirrored windows of the John Hancock Tower (1970s) in downtown Boston.


painted cliffes


Painted Cliffs on Maria Island, Tasmania


windblown maria


Which way does the wind blow? An abandoned cottage with windblown trees at Darlington, Maria Island, Tasmania.


dahlia with bug


Dahlia with seed bug – one of the 13,000 dahlias planted annually at the Portland Botanic Garden, Portland, Victoria, Australia


sunrise over the breakwater


Sunrise over the breakwater – from our vantage point on Nine of Cups anchored in Portland Harbor, Portland, Victoria


super lin


Super Lin – Can't believe I talked my sister into flight training on my mom's front lawn




Colors – a pinto grazes in a field on a backroad in Vermont during foliage season