Here's to Great Knockers

We really appreciate great knockers … doorknockers, that is. On our recent morning wanderings through the streets of Boston's historic Beacon Hill, we couldn't help notice the unique brass knockers that adorned the doors of the brownstones, mansions and row houses. The only time we remember such elaborate doorknockers before was in Cartagena, Colombia, of all places. Here's a look at some Boston knockers...  

lion and lady doorknockers


I really like the old ones. It makes us wonder who might have used them to announce their arrival at some of these prestigious doors. They're weathered and verdigrised and look well-used. But I found out that you can buy them that way … already aged, so they're less appealing. It's cheating, like buying distressed jeans. I'd like to think that these particular doorknockers have been in place for at least a century or so.


leaves and acorn doorknockers


Some are thematic for the area, like oak leaves and acorns on cobble-stoned Acorn Street.


pineapple and pear doorknockers


The pineapple is a traditional symbol of welcome and hospitality, so it's a very appropriate door decoration. I'm not so sure about other fruit.


nautical and patriotic doorknockers


A nautical motif is very apropos for Boston as are patriotic symbols.


fox doorknocker


My personal favorite … a weathered old fox.

I did a little research to see how many doorknocker designs were available. It's a pretty extensive offering. Some websites advertise “See our entire knocker collection”. Others boast “Free shipping on all knockers over $99.”

For a look at some very distinctive Colombian knockers, visit our website.