Roadside America Sights in Las Vegas

Did you ever visit the Roadside America website? We discovered it back in 2010 and consulted it frequently as we drove cross-country in 2010 and 2012. It's a compendium of oddball sights that people have ferreted out and reported … from the largest ball of twine to the Spam Museum. Las Vegas definitely has a few of its own “uniquely odd tourist attractions” and we didn't want to miss them. You've already seen a couple of them, like the world's brightest beam of light at the Luxor pyramid and the headless Lenin at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, but there are lots more. How about the world's biggest Coke bottle right on Las Vegas Boulevard at Coca Cola World?  

giant coke bottle


Liberace's prized, rhinestone-studded Deusenberg Roadster-style auto is on display at the up-scale Aria Hotel and Casino.


liberace mobile


The Aria also boasts several pieces of steampunk art including high heeled shoes


steampunk high heel


… and other steampunk items that had no labels and provided no clues as to their function. They were cool nonetheless.


steampunk thing at aria


Las Vegas' newest attraction, the High Roller at the Linq, is on the must-see list. It's touted to be the world's highest observation wheel … read that very slow-moving, ferris-type wheel at a very high admission price.


high roller at night


The Harley Davidson Cafe displays a huge motorcycle crashing through the front of its restaurant on Las Vegas Boulevard. It's a Harley Softail, by the way. There's a Harley Wedding Chapel inside, just in case you're so inclined.


giant harley


New York, New York's Statue of Liberty is the second largest Liberty in the USA and of course, as we learned previously, the Eiffel Tower is half the size of the real thing. The Arc de Triomphe is 2/3 size of the original Napoleon-commissoned monument in Paris. Unfortunately, the Vegas one has a large banner touting Gordon Ramsey's Steak House Restaurant on it. Sigh!


arc de triomphe


How about the world's largest typewriter eraser? If you're under 50, you might not even know what it is. Not sure why this item requires a statue … just sayin'


typewriter eraser


Big candy seems to be in vogue along the Strip. There are big M&Ms at the M&M store and great big kisses at the Hershey store.


big kisses


There's more coming up in the days that follow. We keep looking for more crazy things and, believe it or not, we keep finding them.