Signs: Billboards and Stores

Driving or walking along, there are always billboards or store signs that catch our attention. Some are meant to be funny and some are not meant to be funny, but they are anyway. Thought you'd enjoy a few of our favorites.  

billboards_lump o rump bundaberg australia


legs n breasts hobart


freeze my fat


cascade beer hobart


TITS uruguay


feck_snakes_wellington NZ




cafe hobart


big nose denver


ale-inn rachel nv


Days and Ways to Celebrate
A daily list of mostly obscure holidays and fun ways to celebrate them.
Honor Your Pocket Day
Yup, on this day in 1590, pockets were invented. People were tired of losing their small change and keys and had no place to put their hands, so Geoffry Pocket came along and solved the problem. So, walk around with your hands in your pockets today... give thanks for the little things.