Signs...Don't Beat Around the Bush!

Continuing with our ongoing fascination with signs, we offer some signs that leave no doubt as to their intent.


danger dam downstream


Good to know if you're in a boat!


danger sharks no swimming


We could see them circling. No fear that we'd swim there.


chimps will throw feces at you




manchineel tree is poison


Don't touch!


There are some signs that left us scratching our heads a bit or cracked us up.


great stirrup cay airport


Up – Down … very imaginative


lost brakes? do no exit


Where exactly should you go?




We did whistle. Nothing happened.


lady farmer piggery


Pigs for every occasion.


waiting room church


This was taken in the church bathroom. I just couldn't wait … despite the sign.


tapu kai kale


Our friend Mary McCoy had to translate this Tongan sign for us. It means literally:"You are forbidden to eat curry." The message they are trying to get across is "Don't litter." When Tongans go to the little shops all around, they buy curry to eat. The curry is "packaged" in aluminum foil and they eat directly out of it. When they're done, they throw the aluminum foil on the ground. It is normal for Tongans to talk AROUND the point that they want to make -- in fact, our directness is very abrupt, bordering on rude to them.” Hmmm... who knew? Thanks, Mary!