Signs of Humor

I collect photos of signs, ads and even product labels as we travel around. From time to time, we like to share them. Signmakers and ad creators have a great sense of humor and they're not afraid to share it. Sometimes, the intent is not humor at all, but we still find them funny. See what you think.

pirate eye chart

Found in the Ladies Room at South Australian Maritime Museum

dead or alive

Not quite an FBI Most Wanted poster, but when you're wanted, you're wanted. Of course, you'd have to know what a goanna is in the first place.

no dogs in court

I think they mean tennis court, but it probably applies elsewhere, too.

beep if your cheap

This sign used to sit in front of Building 19 in Walpole, Massachusetts. There were lots of car honks heard as people passed by … including ours.

dumplings r us

Makes you want to eat Chinese, doesn't it?

you take the cake

Great name for a bakery.

feral ute

That would be a “wild, untamed pick-up truck” in the States.

drive on left

There are lots of “right side of the road” drivers visiting Australia. The Aussies don't take any chances.

nail gun in use

This sign was on a ute (pick-up truck). Wonder if he uses it en route?

no escape

Our thoughts exactly sometimes.