Signs of Southern Africa

I've been snapping pix of signs since we started cruising nearly 15 years ago. Whenever we see one that makes us giggle, or ponder, or scratch our heads, whether it be a road sign or an advertisement, I take a picture. Do I make David stop the car or even turn around sometimes? Absolutely!Here's our collection of signs from our recent inland trip in South Africa and Swaziland. Hope you enjoy.

not catapults in mlilwane wildlife sanctuary

We figured no drugs or weapons, but no snares, traps or catapults? Fortunately, we had left ours behind. Whew! Another catastrophe avoided. (At Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary)

beware children at shaymoya lodge

Does this mean beware of feral children? They can be vicious at times? OR Children beware … because that woodsy background looks like a Hansel/Gretel scenario waiting to happen. (On the road to Shaymoya Lodge)

hippo crossing r40 highway

A hippo on the highway? Wouldn't that just spoil your day? (On the R40 highway heading south to Nelspruit)

hogs in residence mlilwane wildlife sanctuary

Good to know who your neighbors are. (at Rest Camp at Mlilwane)

beware of the big five at the mkhuze wildlife sanctuary

Were we hunting for the Big 5, or were they hunting for us? (Mkhuze Wildlife Sanctuary)

keep a safe distance from elephants at imfolozi game reserve

This conjures up an image of close encounters with wildlife, doesn't it? (at iMfolozi Game Reserve)

please hoot at battlefields country lodge exit

If we hoot, we sound like owls! If we honk, we sound like geese. If we toot, we sound like … well, never mind. (at Battlefields Country Lodge exit)

no fencing at the pongola and swazi border

Good thing we left our foils and sabers at home, too! (on the highway between Pongola and the Swazi border)

beware crocs at nearly every river in swaziland and south africa

After about the tenth sign and several sightings, we started to take this seriously. (near every river in Swaziland and South Africa)

ding beetle crossing at hluhlew game reserve

Yup, yield for insects. Dung beetles and elephant poo have the right of way. (Hluhluwe Game Reserve)

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Oh, yeah … Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits! If you forgot first thing this morning, it appears you can say Stibbar, stibbar, stibbar (rabbits backwards) as the last words you say on the first day of the month. Not sure how this works, but you can give it a try.