Ten animal crossing signs from around the world

I've been collecting signs photographically for years. Part of my sign collection includes the “watch out for animals” warning signs that are posted along the highways. They differ drastically from country to country. In Colorado and where I grew up in New England, deer signs and cattle signs were common, but we never had to watch out for donkeys or kangaroos. So here's a few of my favorite signs from around the world.

Dung beetles have the right of way? and so does elephant poo? Other insects may be protected, but I think the dung beetle is the only one with its own sign. Surely, no other animal dung is protected?

A sense of humor with the moose and the squirrel (aka Rocky & Bullwinkle).

Tortoise crossing (very, very, very slow).

Warthog crossing.

Iconic kangaroo/wombat sign.

Watch out for koalas.

On this gravel road, the antelope were certainly faster than we were!

Evidently cervine depression counseling is not working well here.

I'll be remaining in the car at all times in this area.

Loose translation of Dutch sign in Bonaire: Don't be an ass...slow down for donkeys.

The reading program for the indigenous population of Antarctica seems to be working.