Ten "It's a Dangerous World Out There" Signs

If you can believe my continually growing collection of warning signs, you'd think you couldn't take a step without getting into trouble … and you're probably right. I think you'll agree, it's a dangerous world out there.  

1.  Caution:  Hippos in Dam -  No Swimming


danger_ hippos south africa


2.  Beware of Lions


danger_ lions south africa


3. Danger: Attack Trees!




4. Warning: Magnetic Time Zone


danger_chile magnetic zone


5.  Danger: Don't fall off the cliff!




6.  Warning: Fly Ball Zone


danger_fly ball zone las vegas


7. Danger: Jellyfish




8.  Give Way to Formed Marching Squads


danger_marching squads tasmania


9.  Warning: Rattlesnakes


danger_rattlesnakes death valley


10.  Tsunami Zone


danger_tsunami peru


More signs? Check out the website.


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