A Pink View of Blue Projects

head faucet repair  

Just wanted to give you an idea of how blue's projects affect pink's day(s). Even big boats are small when there's a project going on. Floorboards come up. Supplies and tools emerge in great quantity. Every flat surface is occupied. Settee cushions are thrown aside and locker doors remain open. Some parts of the boat are totally inaccessible … the head, the galley, the saloon (sometimes all of them) for some indeterminate period of time. You can only pray it's not overnight and if it is, perhaps not too many overnights.

Now, I do appreciate that projects and chores require doing and David is always willing to do them. I'm not a whinger … really. I'm a realist … we wouldn't be floating if the chores and projects didn't get done. I used to be a bit OCD … a place for everything and everything in its place … all the time. But now ... this is how it is when David works on a project below decks and I've learned to deal with it.


nav station


Sometimes there's more than one project in progress at a given time. This makes sense when you consider primer has to dry here, paint has to dry there, epoxy needs to kick, etc. and you might as well start another project while waiting to continue on the current one.

Actually, even if he's working topside, the mess below grows and grows because it's not only a hassle putting everything away if you're going to need it all again tomorrow, it's also very time consuming. And when it comes to boat chores and getting ready to leave … who's got extra time?




Once in awhile, things are all neat and orderly, but it's rare... usually only when someone comes for a visit. Otherwise, there's always something to work on and the boat always seems to be in some sort of upheaval. Once we leave the marina and we're on passage, everything gets stowed properly … till we're on a heel or get caught up in a squall, that is … then it finds its own space.