An Escort to Waldegrave Island

sir isaac to waldegrave  

Up before dawn after a restless night. The anchorage was fine, but the anchor alarm woke us twice as the wind shifted E to S to E again. The wind howled most of the night 25 knots. It just didn't make for good sleeping.




A bright sun popped up over the hazy mainland hills as gannets and sooties worked hard for their breakfast.


sooty shearwaters


The forecast for 20-30 knot winds S/SE was delayed due to miscommunication between the wind gods and the Aussie Bureau of Meteorology. We were expecting a brisk downwind sail, instead we moped along in 3-5 knot winds until frustration got the better of us and we turned on the engine.

The dolphins were back … a huge pod of them … 20 – 30, maybe more. The word must have gotten out that we really enjoy their company because they came in from all directions for some high energy play. They left after about an hour, but within a few minutes more showed up. We had an escort all the way to Waldegrave Island and then it was evidently time to go home because they all disappeared.

dolphins from everywhere


The wind picked up by late morning and increased and increased until we had our “brisk” downwind sail. The Southern Ocean swell built until we had 10'+ (3m+) following waves. We were flying along at 7+ knots with just the jib. A quick 65 miles and we ducked behind a fish farm on the north side of Waldegrave Island where the water was calm, but the wind still howled at 30+ knots. Enough for today. We need to recoup and regroup and head out early tomorrow.


fish farm marker