Another day...or Two Rocks

The swell was up, but it was sunny and the wind was southerly. We thought we might leave, but then we saw huge combers breaking over the sea wall quite regularly. We walked up the hill to get a better view of the marina entrance … oh, man, it didn't look good at all. Breakers were making their way around and over the reefs and pounding the breakwater and shore. We watched as several large waves broke at the harbor entrance.  

breakers at the entrance


We decided to ask a local crayfisherman and get his take on the situation. The cray boats go out everyday, no matter what the weather. The Alba Marina III had just come in. We asked the captain for his recommendation and I quote … “You'd be fucking crazy to go out in that today. I haven't seen it this bad in two years. We had to go five miles south to find a clear way in through the reefs.” He further explained that if we could do 24 knots like he does, there would be no problem since we could outrun the waves. 24 knots … not in our wildest dreams. However, we'd be running into them and not surfing down them and getting turned around, knocked beam-to the wave and broached seemed a real possibility.


alba marina 3


The forecast shows similar swells for the next couple of days and northerly winds, perhaps settling down over the weekend. We may be here for a few more days. Get used to it. Patience and prudence are a big part of the cruising life. We'll figure out how to make lemons into lemonade in the next few days … I've got plenty of sugar aboard.