Bremer Bay to Dillon Bay - A Quick Hop

fishery bay  

We gathered up enough energy to head out of Bremer Bay this morning. Light, variable winds were forecast and for once, everyone agreed … coincidentally, they were right. We wanted to check out the small fisherman's boat harbor near Fishery Bay, located behind a rock groyne (breakwater) on the west side of the Bremer Bay, just to see what it looked like. It was quite snug and filled with moorings and small fishing boats. It would definitely not be a place for Cups to anchor and most of the moorings didn't look hefty enough for our big girl if there was a blow.

Just south of Fishery Bay we got a giggle out of Shiit Beach. In fact, we couldn't believe it when we first saw it, but it appeared on both chart programs, so I guess the name is correct. We found no more info about it except there was dirt road access and car parking there. It looked nice enough. Obviously named by a Texan with a drawl. Sophomoric senses of humor, I know, but we're easily amused.


shiit beach


We motored out of the bay and back into the big southwest swells of the Southern Ocean. There would be no sailing today and the going was lumpy with the swells on the beam. Just two bays away … about 10nm … was Dillon Bay and an anchorage called Little Boat Harbour that looked to be a fine place to spend the rest of the day and the evening. From a distance, the sand-duned hilltops at the entrance to Dillon Bay looked more like snow-covered mountains.


sand dune hilltop


The Little Boat Harbour turned out to be remarkably well-protected from the swells … serene and glass-smooth calm. We snugged up as close to shore as we dared and I spotted a sand patch. The anchor dug in well. The beach looked inviting, but not that inviting. We opted to write the day away. We'll be in Albany soon with lots to see and do. In the meantime, we're content aboard sipping cuppas and sundowners and watching sunsets.