Busselton to Bunbury

Another grueling passage, 26nm, but, like the old salts we are, we bore up and managed to drop the hook by late afternoon. This was the most uneventful, motor-sail you could imagine. No wind, no waves, no swell. We motored from the anchorage, around the end of the Busselton Jetty, set a northwest course across Geographe Bay for Bunbury and proceeded to eat breakfast and chat while we puttered along. For awhile, we noted that our course was 007 … that was about as exciting as things got.


Pretty slow news day, I'd say! We just sailed from there to here and that was it. I guess some days are just like that … no distinction, just blending together in a blur.

end of long breakwater

Once arriving in Bunbury and rounding the end of the jetty into Koombana Bay, things appeared more interesting. First of all, they have a very interesting lighthouse here with black and white geometric designs painted on it. That falls into the must-see category especially because it's on a foreshore walk.

bunbury lighthouse

Bunbury is the third largest city in Western Australia and an active shipping port for woodchips, minerals and grains. We passed three large bulk carriers that were anchored on the way in and the dock looks to be loading one ship now. We were pleased there were no ships coming or going when we made our entrance. That always adds excitement to the day.

ship at dock

We can see the Bunbury Tower, affectionately known by locals as “the Milk Carton”, that dominates the cityscape. From our vantage point, both the tower and the Koombana Sailing Club are in clear view.

milk carton and koombana sail club

The city definitely appeals to our curious interests, but at the moment, it's cold and windy today and we're happy to remain aboard. Always tomorrow.