Good Old Boat's Newest Contributing Editor


It was bound to happen. David sent so many articles to Good Old Boat, the owners finally decided to make him a Contributing Editor to the magazine. Yup, believe it or not, David's name now appears in the masthead of Good Old Boat.

We've always dabbled with writing for sailing magazines. Marcie contributed monthly to Caribbean Compass for the entire year we were in the Carib. We both contribute regularly to our SSCA monthly bulletin. David got a couple of articles published in Boatworks a couple of years ago, and contributes to Ocean Navigator, too, but it wasn't until he started contributing to Good Old Boat (GOB) that he found a comfortable “home” for what he does best: technical and how-to articles. It seems the perfect place for do-it-yourself kind of articles and Lord knows, David is definitely a do-it-yourselfer.


david at cape horn


If you haven't read Good Old Boat, it really does have lots to offer (beyond David's articles). It's written by sailors for sailors whether they're sailing lake, coastal or blue water. It's not aimed at shiny, new boats with all the bells and whistles. It's aimed at “the rest of us” who buy older, used boats which need some sprucing up. It's nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts kinds of articles that let you (let you?) get your hands dirty. All sailors experience many of the same challenges with boat maintenance and repair. If you've got a head, it's going to break at some point. If you have equipment, it'll need repair or replacement. If you don't have equipment, you'll need to install some. Decks need repair. Lifelines need replacement. Mast boots leak. It's never-ending. Sailors pride themselves in figuring out how to fix things themselves whenever possible and sharing the ideas is what GOB is all about.


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Are you a new boat owner or thinking about buying a boat? This is a perfect introduction to ways you can save on boat repair and maintenance as well as get lots of ideas for making your boat more comfortable and safe. Do you already have a boat and want to save money by doing more yourself? Got a project ahead that you've never tackled and want some ideas on how to handle it? GOB has archives of project articles that tackle most every project you could conceive.

Nope, we don't get a commission. We're just keen on sharing ideas and things we like with our fellow sailors. Interested in sampling a couple of digital issues of GOB for free and getting on our mailing list for more free stuff? Either click here or click on the GOB logo on the sidebar. Why not? We sailors love “free”.