Making Plans to Head Home

Becky's well and seems comfortably installed in her new digs. Things have settled down and it's finally time to think of heading home … home to Nine of Cups. It's been awhile … Marcie's been gone since the end of May and David since early June. Though friends in Mandurah have watched and checked on Cups, all reports indicate she's fine, but lonely. The feeling is mutual.

cups in mandurah

Since we traveled on different airlines at different times getting back to the States, making reservations to get back to Australia on the same airline at the same time has been a challenge. After much research, many hours “on hold”, and the patience of Job, we've managed to accomplish our goal. We're traveling on different airlines (Delta and Virgin Australia), but on the same plane, at the same time, in adjoining seats. Don't ask … it's too complicated for mere mortals to understand.

virgin delta

It's still a couple of weeks away and already we're feeling the angst of getting things done here and leaving family, as well as the pressure of returning and getting Cups ready for a quick departure. The lists are getting longer, but we're chipping away at them. Has everything been purchased and/or ordered to insure delivery before the first week of August? What will Cups need to make her shipshape for a trip across the Indian Ocean? Anything else need to be done here for Becky or Mary before we depart? (David, finish that patio redo.) Then there's the concern about the weather in Western Australia at this time of year … marginal, at best, and only in short windows.

But the reservations are made and we've started to assemble all the stuff that needs to pack with us for returning to Oz. We're each allowed two 50# (23kg) checked bags and don't think we won't be using each and every ounce of it. We've contacted our friend, Ross in Mandurah, and he's promised to be at the Perth airport to pick us up. Now all that's left is the waiting. Let the countdown clock commence.