Making Sailing Plans for 2016/2017

plans at low tide Though we're on land, it doesn't prevent us from making plans for the rest of 2016 and the upcoming 2017 sailing season. In fact, we'll be leaving Las Vegas in the next couple of weeks to return to Nine of Cups in Chesapeake, Virginia. We have a limited time aboard before we need to return to Vegas, but some time aboard is better than no time aboard and we're looking forward to a month or so exploring the Chesapeake … after boat chores and repairs, of course, which we think will take about a week.

Our plan is to return to the Atlantic Yacht Basin and get Cups ready to weather November and December by herself. We'll celebrate Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, then fly to Boston to spend the Christmas holidays with Lin and family. We hope to depart Boston before the first of the year and be aboard Cups to sip champagne on New Year's Eve. We anticipate it'll be chilly, so we'll be quick to get off the dock and head south to the warm. Coastal Florida is our destination for the winter season of 2017. We have lots of ports to explore, lots of friends to visit, and our oldest son and daughter-in-law have just moved to St. Pete on the west coast. Charleston, SC will be one port of call, for sure. St. Augustine will be on the itinerary again, along with Bahia Honda, Key West and who knows where else? Maybe we'll head out to the Dry Tortugas for a few days. The national park there is awesome.

key west and dry tortugas

We'll need to be north of Cape Hatteras once again by June 1st, but by then we're hoping to be well on our way north towards coastal Maine and Canada's Atlantic maritime provinces for the summer. We've visited Nova Scotia and New Brunswick before … over a decade ago … and we're keen to visit again and perhaps wander a bit further afield to Prince Edward Island or a ways down the St. Lawrence River. Despite the world record tides, deep water and lobster pots (only in Maine), the area is great for exploring.

maritime canada

After that … who knows?

As always, plans aboard Nine of Cups are written in sand … at low tide. All things are subject to change on a whim.

plans at low tide