On to Port Arthur

patch of blue  

A one-day delay due to a minor medical issue and we were down the Huon River with the wind for a change. We sped down the winding Huon at 8+ knots and were spit out across the Channel into Little Taylor's Bay. We spent a relaxing night, prepped for an early morning departure and we were off down the Channel again.

The day's forecast for early N/NW winds, backing to 25kt westerlies by midday was perfect for heading south down the Channel, then rounding Cape Bruny and heading up Bruny Island's east coast to Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsular.


gray day


Forecasts are one thing...actual weather, well that's quite another. We did see northerlies for a short time which got us down the channel, but with less than 7 kts of wind, the engine helped considerably. When we headed east across the bottom of Bruny, the wind clocked and instead of the promised fresh west winds, we had a light headwind from the east. We motored. When we turned the corner and headed up the east coast of Bruny...that darned wind turned with us and backed to NE again and then clocked to SE and south, but light and never west...not even once did we see a hint of a west wind until... you guessed it, until we headed into Port Arthur and tried to anchor. The west wind came roaring across the bay 20, 25, 30 knots and continued to roar all evening.


shades of gray


We did, however, have a pleasant day despite the need to motor. It was a slate-blue kind of day. Blue hues and shades and shadows of gray pervaded the day. The water was slate-blue. The sky was overcast with massive clouds of slate blue and gray. The mountains and hills took on the same tones ... endless shades of slate. Every once in awhile, a bright patch of blue sky would open up as if someone above the clouds was peeking through.




We were in the Tasman Sea again and the bird life changed from shore birds to ocean birds. Mollymawks (small albatross) soared overhead. Yellow-headed gannets dove into the water like bullets and shearwaters in great flocks hunted for breakfast.


cape raoul spires


We passed by Bruny Light and the ragged Friars, then up Bruny's east coast past Adventure Bay where Cook and Bligh and Tasman and scores of others have sailed before, exploring a new worlds and seeking more land to claim for their countries.


historic site


We passed by the spires of Cape Raoul and West Arthur Head and entered the long south-facing entrance to Port Arthur. This particular area has been spared from the bushfires and houses and farms on the hills looked peaceful and calm. We turned the corner past the Isle of the Dead and the golden sandstone buildings of the Port Arthur historic convict site sprawled before us like a page from a history book.


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