Time to Move On...Next Stop Rodrigues Island

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Despite the fact we've been living on island time, there's been an inner voice telling us that it's time to leave … time to move on. The cycle of seasons move in their own time and don't wait for sailors. This is not the place to be when the cyclone season begins and so regretfully, we've left the beautiful Cocos Keeling Islands and have begun our passage to Rodrigues Island (aka Rodriguez), a small island 1,985 nm away.

There's always a bit of regret when we leave a place we've enjoyed and been comfortable. There's always a bit of apprehension mixed with anticipation and exhilaration as we haul anchor and head out of a harbor and across a vast ocean. What's out there? How will the weather be? What will break this time? How long will it take us?

With a good weather window in the forecast and the trade winds blowing us west, we've set out once again on the next leg of this Indian Ocean passage. Stay tuned for updates and info along the way.