Eclectic Suriname

As we prepare to leave Suriname, I've found that I have lots of photos that just didn't fit into any blogs, but might give you a feel for the place. powerplant in paramaribo

wooden plank bridge in suriname

lotus in suriname

homeless in suriname

dilapidated wharf in paramaribo

suriname river bridge

welcome to paramaribo

macaws in paramaribo

diwali celebration

suriname house

traffic in suriname

road in domburg suriname

abandoned corial in suriname

We liked Suriname very much, but didn't get to explore as much of it as we would have liked in our two week stay. We would have enjoyed mingling more with the locals and learning more about the diverse cultures here. There was so much we could have seen and done, but the clock ticks on and we want to move on to Guyana before heading to Trinidad. We have less than a month now and we're feeling rushed. Yikes!

Dutch word for the day? Vaarwel – Farewell