The Birds of Asa Wright Nature Center

Asa Wright Nature Centre is not only one of the top bird-watching spots in the Caribbean, it's considered by the Audubon Society to be in the top 10 bird-watching venues in the world. A total of 159 species (or 400... depending upon the source you read) of birds have been recorded on the property. With only an overnight stay, we still racked up quite an incredible tally of birds. Here's a sample … asa wright yellow oriole

asa wright white necked jacobin

asa wright female white lined tanager

asa wright white bearded bell bird

asa wright vilaceous tragon

asa wright female silver beaked tanager

asa wright purple honeycreeper

asa wright orpendola

asa wright green honeycreeper

Asa Wriight green honeycreeper

asa wright blue gray tanager

asa wright bananaquit