See How the Wind Blows - Interesting Weather Vanes

stork in cape ann  

I'm a collector … we've already established that along the way. One of my many photo collections is of weather vanes. We found that weather vanes are very popular in some areas and not in others. Barns out West and in the Midwest usually have a weather vane on their rooftops. In New England, barns certainly do, but so do many houses. A small cupola is erected on the top of the roof expressly to sport a weather vane. I doubt these people really care about which way the wind is blowing.

I did a post and a web page on weather vanes quite awhile ago, but the collection has expanded, so I thought I'd share my new additions, plus show you (once again) my all time favorite.


whale in cape ann


tourist at cape ann


sulky driver


grasshopper cape cod


christmas tree sled foxboro


cat and mouse


golden lobster boston


friendly icecream norwood


carpenter walpole woodworkers


And my favorite...


flying pig