Crew Update

Once a month or so, we try to give everyone an update on Nine of Cups and crew. As far as Cups goes, it appears she's faring well through the South Australian winter. She's still berthed in the marina, the marina fees are up to date and friends stop by every once in awhile to make sure she's okay. She complains of neglect and loneliness, but it appears she's no worse for the wear. The crew is still in Mansfield, Massachusetts, about 20 minutes from Boston. Marcie's mum, Bea, has been in and out of the hospital and rehab facilities over the past months, but she's strong-willed and tough. We're looking at lots of options, but have arrived at no firm decisions. These are not easy decisions to make and sorting through the alternatives takes time and patience. Who could have known all there is to do and know about this? Certainly not us.

Where does that leave us? Landbound, at least for a few more months. This is one of those times when reality and life get in the way of sailing off into the sunset. That said, there seems to be a light, dim but still shining, at the end of the tunnel … and a sailboat there patiently waiting for her crew to return.