It's a Kid's World

We love kids. Not necessarily having them around 24x7, mind you, but we enjoy their openness and friendliness and unmitigated joy at little things. We love watching them play and interact with each other. We enjoy their utter abandon when they're involved in games or trying to master some skill. Mostly, I guess we enjoy the universality of kids...they're the same the world over... innocent, naïve and unpretentious. Too bad we can't stay that way huh? Here's some of our favorite kids pix.


vanuatu beach


Vanuatu Beach



dressing up in vanuatu


Dressing up in Vanuatu



girl peeking in puerto pina panama


Girl peeking in Puerto Pina, Panama



kuna yala village panama


Kuna Yala Village, Panama



darien jungle panama


Darien Jungle, Panama



cubagua venezuela


Cubagua, Venezuela



buddies in iquitos amazon river


Buddies in Iquitos, Amazon



aneitym vanuatu


Aneitym, Vanuatu



anatom warrior


Anatom Warrior



kanirdup panama - half an ulu

Half an Ulu - Kanirdup, Panama


Days and Ways to Celebrate
A daily list of mostly obscure holidays and fun ways to celebrate them.
Shrimp Scampi Day
I'm all for food days and I love shrimp scampi. Lot's of garlic though, so make sure your partner enjoys some too. Here's a recipe.
Zipper Day
This is also Zipper Day commemorating the invention of the "Separable Fastener" by Gideon Sundback in 1917. It was the B.F.Goodrich company which decided to use this new fastener on their boots that gave it the name "zipper" because of the sound it made. David can teach you how to unstick a stuck one here.