Translating British Signs

Translating British Signs

In England, where the native language is English, you’d presume as English-speakers ourselves, we’d understand signs we came across, but au contraire. Sometimes we just scratched our heads and waited till we could access wifi in order to find a translation. Sometimes, though the word meanings escaped us, we figured out the meaning by the clever icons. Other times, we understood, but were just amused.

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Signs of St. Helena

Remember we're at sea at the moment, but still have lots to share about St. Helena Island. The weather today, however, is not conducive to writing long blogs. We edited all our pics each day at St. Helena and sent them to Gentry, so we'll  make this a photo-intensive blog … adding to our already large collection of signs. no parking sign st. helena island


danger mines


beware dangerous drop


governor reserved park


warning steep road ahead


please respect the tortoises




no climbing on fence


fresh cut pumpkin


wirebirds ahead

Signs of Namibia

I've been collecting signs since we arrived in Namibia. As I've said before, they're fun to collect AND they don't take up any room on the boat. Although … the captain has been trying to convince me that digital “photons” do add up and tend to weigh down the hard drives. Hmmm … Here's our Namibian sign collection …

humorous warning sign in namibia


serious beware of dog warning


dont store rubber ducks




talk to my lawyer

I've filed the following two pics in the understatement department …

kolmanskop warning


diaz point


animal crossing signs in namibia


namibia desert signs collage


nos sand or snakes in namibia