The Blue View - Back on Nine of Cups

route map  

I am back on Nine of Cups. It was a long trip with bad layovers – 11 hours in LAX and 5 hours in Sydney. The total elapsed time from leaving Lin's house early Monday morning to arriving at Cups late Wednesday afternoon was 44.75 hours, after correcting for timezone changes. I don't sleep on planes, but I did read 1.5 books, watched 7 movies and got a start on converting our new book, Nine of Cups Caribbean Stories, to Kindle format.

Now I find myself upside down in more ways than being on the bottom half of the world. Adelaide is 15.5 hours ahead of Boston. Marcie calls me when she gets up and just before I go to bed. My watch says it's time to go to sleep here, but my biological clock says it's time to get up.




In addition, the temperature in Boston when I left was 25F with a half foot of snow on the ground. When I arrived in Adelaide, it was almost 100F (and not nearly as much snow). I'm sure I will adjust quickly. It's easier to go to a warmer climate than the other way around. A few years ago, we left the warmth of South America to spend Christmas in Boston. That was brutal – this is much less painful.


snow in boston


And now it's time to unpack, clean the boat and get started on the list of things to do.

More to come … but I'm home!