The Blue View - Refrigerator Done...Almost

before and after  

A major goal was to complete the galley project by the time Marcie returned to Nine of Cups, and I'm happy to report that it is actually done. Well almost...

The rest of Cups has been converted from a construction zone and back to living quarters. The salon table is no longer my berth mate... Marcie was especially happy about that.


no longer a construction zone


The newly varnished knife rack and tea box are mounted. I put the last coat of varnish on the trim at 10:00 last night and removed the last of the masking tape this morning.

The refrigeration system held pressure all the while I was gone, so I am reasonably confident that there are no leaks. I purged the system and soldered in a new dryer/filter a few days ago, and the freezer temperature is holding nicely at 28 degrees F while the fridge is at 45 degrees F.


refrigeration temps


I used double gaskets on all the opening hatches. One is a magnetic gasket like the ones used on a standard refrigerator and one is a closed cell foam type gasket. I'm happy with the results and will do a blog on this part of the project soon.


empty fridge


Now just a few things left to do:

A short section of stainless trim that attaches behind the stove no longer fits because of the new teak trim and will have to be shortened.

The refrigeration gases will have to be tweaked once it runs for a few days.

I still need to caulk around the counter top, but this has to wait until the varnish has cured a bit more.

The various brass hooks for hanging colanders, etc. and the brass paper towel holder have to be polished and remounted.

The foam gasket on the lower refrigerator door has to be installed. I wasn't able to find the size I needed here in Adelaide, so Marcie brought some back with her.

The aft cabin sole has to be stripped and re-varnished. The sole in the galley was redone, and since there is no break between it and the aft cabin, the aft cabin now looks pretty shabby.

Then, of course, we have to go buy some food to put into it.