Oceania & the South Pacific

Spread out over an area of 3+ million square miles, there is some disagreement as to exactly what delineates Oceania. Generally, it's considered a region of the Pacific that encompasses Australia, New Zealand, several small island nations and innumerable islands. Our travels in Oceania and the South Pacific were by no means extensive considering its size, but our cultural and nature experiences were probably the most diverse of any place we have ever visited. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh baguettes in downtown Papeete, Tahiti or viewing a smoldering volcano on Tanna, Vanuatu from Nine of Cups' deck or spying a kangaroo hopping along the ocean shore in Australia. It's the stuff that dreams and awesome memories are made of.


Click on an image below to explore the wonder of this vast and exotic area of the world. Please note that while we make the transition to our new website, you may be directed to the old Nine of Cups website. Check back frequently to view new destinations, updated pages and see our progress. Interested in more information about this area? Check out the crew's recommendations for further reading below.

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