It's a new chapter, not the end of the book!

We must say we’ve been overwhelmed by the well wishes and hundreds of comments and emails that followed the announcement that we were selling Nine of Cups or as sailors put it ... “swallowing the hook”. I guess the important point to make to everyone, especially our readers, is that we’re just turning the page and starting a new chapter. It’s not the end of the book!

Though the decision to sell Nine of Cups and move on was a difficult one, derived after months of deliberation, now that the decision has been made, we’re not sad, by any means. On the contrary, we’re excited about the new adventure we’ve planned. We’ve not made the decision because we have health issues or we’re feeling too old to sail. After 18 years aboard Cups, we’re exhilarated about starting a new and different adventure. We’re feeling much the same excitement and anticipation we felt when we decided to sell up and sail off 20 years ago.

We’re in a similar situation actually. We’re making timelines, plans and lists and checking them off. Except instead of winding down professional careers like last time, we’re winding down our sailing careers. We’re getting Cups ready for new owners, making her shipshape while at the same time looking, planning, anticipating and putting things in order to make the transition to a new life.

Nope, we have no intention of staying still. No intention of sitting in rocking chairs and knitting mittens or whittling little wooden animals. Oh, it may eventually come to that, but we reckon we’ve still got a few good decades left in us and there’s a big world out there just waiting to be explored.

So what’s the new adventure and how did we decide? We’ll tell you all about it this time next week. In the meantime, we’ll continue with our There to Here series, bring you new travelogue pages on the website and David has plans to regale you with lots of Cups info and project progress as he readies our girl for her new life. Stick around and keep traveling with us … just a little further.