New Year’s Resolutions 2018

So, do you make New Year’s resolutions?

Ushering in the new year usually requires a retrospective look at the old year, a prospective look at the year ahead and an introspective look at what I've accomplished in the old year, what I didn’t accomplish and perhaps what needs improvement as I get a fresh start in 2018.

David is not a “resolutions” kind of guy. He goes with the flow … makes plans and executes them … adapts and changes as required ... it’s the engineer’s way. I, on the other hand, need to think, review, think, plan, think, change the plan, rethink, begin the execution, modify … ad nauseam perhaps, but it’s my way.

Unearthed-MyResolution-1401-1-web (1).jpg

New Year’s resolutions help me put things into perspective and plan what things are important to me in the new year and how I’ll tackle them. I find by writing them down, they have more meaning. I took a look back at my 2017 resolutions and I’m about 4 out of 6 for resolution success. I messed up on the patience/kindness thing and finishing a book. There’s always another year to try again. Lin reminds me that it's more about setting goals and expectations for yourselves and she's right.

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions/Goals 2018.

1. Manage weight and healthy diet. I’ve pretty much maintained my weight and low-carb diet this year although this past month has been a disaster. Back to the real world in January .... and curb the drinking.

2. Get back to exercising. I lost my Fitbit (sigh!) a month ago. I haven’t made another purchase yet because I was hoping it would turn up and I’m angry at myself for being so careless to have lost it. BAH! The cold weather has not helped my exercise regime which is mostly comprised of long, brisk morning walks, but not in sub-freezing temps. Once we’re back in Vegas and warmer climates, I won’t have a problem getting back into the swing of things. I do have to figure out how to manage regular exercise when we're living and riding around in Blue all the time.

3. Make 2018 destination plans for Blue and crew (easy-peasy!) Needed something easily accomplished. I’m all over this one.


4. I did not finish a book in 2017 as resolved, but I did write the Journey from There to Here blog series which is a good start! I’m hoping to enhance it and publish it later in 2018.

5. Continue blogging and working on the new website. We’ve made some significant improvements and gains on the website in 2017. This year I’m hoping to finish updates on the sailing and travelogue portion of the site and add/continually update the new section on van life with Blue. 

6. If David was making resolutions, I’m sure one would be to complete work on Blue. He might be a work in progress (that’s Blue, not David ) and it may take longer than this year to complete him totally, but we’re both hoping for some significant progress.

KathRev-Judgment cartoon.jpg

7. The last resolution is a tough one for me and I include it because it’s a personal shortcoming that I haven’t been able to overcome. I need to be kinder, more patient and less judgmental. I can be a mighty “basher” at times and find that while bashing others,  I really only succeed in belittling myself. Bad, Marcie, bad! I’m working on ways to clam up when the urge to bash presents itself which consequently will also keep my foot out of my mouth. By the way, this resolution excludes politicians … I still get to bash politicians!


Okay … that’s it. Remember "Ditch Your Resolutions Day is January 14th. Just in case!

Happy 2018 … May it be all you dreamed it would be!