Giving Thanks

turkeys_lins yard.jpg

It’s so easy these days to forget everything for which we should be thankful. Political division, nasty rhetoric, international and national unrest, mass shootings, raging fires and rampant violence dominate the headlines, making us wonder what’s happening to this beautiful country, this beautiful world of ours. Thanksgiving Day is perhaps an excellent opportunity to reflect on all the good we have and put aside all the bad things that seem to be so pervasive.

I don’t mean to be trite and I’m certainly not standing on my soapbox, but every once in awhile it’s time to stop griping and complaining and recognize all we have.

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for:

Each other

Our health

Our family

Our home

Our friends

Our freedom

… and a splendid feast on our Thanksgiving dinner table.

It’s important to remember those who won’t have a dinner table or a feast this year. We’ve donated to the California Wildfire Relief fund … have you?

Take a look at how we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving in years past.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!