Thanksgivings Through the Years

Thanksgivings Through the Years

Over the past two decades, we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving in many different places … sometimes in the USA where it’s actually a major holiday and sometimes in foreign ports where we sought to share some American traditions with local friends who considered it just another Thursday in November.  Come take a look at past Thanksgivings with us.

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Read the Signs!

It's been awhile since I posted additions to my ever-growing sign collection, so I thought I'd share a little humor as we enter the holiday season. no swearing


no dog poop


i poop




humps ahead


drive like your kids live here


free smells


employee of the month


will you supply eyes for the navy


turkey crossing


happy thanksgiving


Enjoy Thanksgiving Day. Don't eat too much turkey. Celebrate family as much as you can. Don't get stressed about Christmas … even though there are only 32 shopping days left. Just sayin'!

Hey, have you ever tried Cranberry Pudding? It's perfect for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dessert and a change from all those pies. Click here for the recipe.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!