Thrifting … A Day for Bargains

After suffering through my colonoscopy, 48-hours of fasting, going without coffee for two mornings AND completing our IRS tax returns , I figured I was due for a big reward. For me, thrifting is the ultimate thank-you Marcie gift and I indulged myself at the local Salvos … Salvation Army for those of you who aren’t thrifters. This is not a place for David to accompany me. It’s a totally ‘me’ thing plus it bores him to death.


There are several thrift shops in the area actually … Good Will, Savers and Catholic Charities to name a few. Salvos, in the Las Vegas area anyway, has the best selection, the best prices and the best ‘deals of the day’.

salvos flok2.jpg

They also use an app called Flok which offers additional ‘swing by’ discounts, usually 20% off in addition to whatever other discounts are valid for the day. Today, the color of the day was orange and I snagged some good deals.


Mary has been looking for apothecary jars to organize the pantry … I found four in perfect condition for $1/each. I’ve been looking for frames for some photos I’ve taken and managed to get three distinctive ones for $2/each. Then there was ribbon and cool wrapping paper for 50¢ each and a nifty basket and four nearly new placemats for the kitchen table. My total expenditure after all the discounts … $6.96. No tax at Salvos either!

I’ve written about thrifting in the past … it’s a hobby; it’s addictive. It’s about the thrill of the hunt. It’s about finding distinctive items of clothing or furniture or household accessories for little money. We pretty much furnished our Las Vegas house with thrift, consignment and estate sale items. In fact, I did so well today … I think I might go back tomorrow. It’s Senior Day!

Some tips for thrifting???