Blue View – Part 2: The World's Greatest Hikes (Doable by Marcie and David)

Blue View – Part 2: The World's Greatest Hikes (Doable by Marcie and David)

Last week, we talked about the great hikes of North America. This week, the blog continues with the great hikes in the rest of the world. There are many more gorgeous trails around the world than the ones I've listed, of course. Many trails were eliminated because they didn't meet my arbitrary criteria of what constitutes a 'Great Hike'. Others were crossed off because there is no way we could actually complete them. That left six pretty cool hikes. Take a look.

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There to Here – New Zealand's South Island

There to Here – New Zealand's South Island

Spending another year in New Zealand was not a hardship. David’s two big projects, deck repair and mast refurb, were accomplished and with a new mainsail and yankee, we were looking for an extensive celebratory adventure. Our brief time on New Zealand’s South Island the previous year had only whet our imaginations and appetites for more. A circumnavigation of the whole country seemed like a great idea.

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#TBT - Feck Off Snakes - Wellington, NZ

We spent St. Patrick's Day 2010 in New Zealand's capital city of Wellington. If ever there was a windier city, we haven't found it. Being in the higher latitudes and just off the Cook Strait which separates New Zealand's North and South Islands, the wind blew constantly at 40 knots in windy Wellington and no one seemed to notice. new zealand map

We drank a pint or two to celebrate the Irish at the Green Man Pub because on St. Patrick's Day ... everyone is Irish.

feck off snakes

There are some striking similarities between New Zealand and the Emerald Isle. About 20% of New Zealanders claim Irish ancestry. The drinking age is 18 in both countries. Both countries are lush and green. The populations are about equal. And like Ireland, there are no snakes in New Zealand (they're all in Australia!).


kiwi shamrocks

We spent a week in the city, walking, exploring and enjoying Wellington city. There's lots of wide open spaces and parks, loads of interesting street art, a world-class museum and a fine collection of pubs. Take a quick tour with us.

new zealand street art


civic square wellington new zealand


te papa museum in wellington new zealand


The museum was right next door to the marina and entrance was free (by donation), so we visited three times and still didn't get enough.


buzzy bee in new zealand


the beehive in wellington new zealand


cable car in wellington new zealand


wellington new zealand botanic garden


bolton memorial park wellington new zealand

Interested in more New Zealand? We really got around. Take a look at our website.

P.S. “Feck off” is a quasi-polite, socially acceptable Irish profanity and, after all, it is St. Patrick's Day!