An Update on the Nine of Cups Crew

david and marcie las vegas 2014  

Lest you think we're so happy on land and in the desert that we never want to return to Nine of Cups … think again! We really do try to enjoy ourselves wherever we are and we're happy that we can be with family and help where we can during David's mum's recuperation and resettling into Assisted Living, but our thoughts turn frequently to Nine of Cups and our plans for crossing the Indian Ocean this season.

Becky's recovery has been slow and hindered by several small, but constant complications. Just when we're all set to move her into her new digs, some new issue pops up that delays her departure from Rehab. She's frustrated; we're all frustrated and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it, but wait and hope that all will be clear in another week … and another week … and another week.

Our plans have not changed dramatically. Assuming we spend less time stopping during our crossing, we're still hoping to have enough time before cyclone season starts (November 1) to sail across the Indian. As the crow flies, it's about 4,500 nautical miles and we figure it'll take us about 40+ days if we travel non-stop. As the clock continues to tick, our window for a leisurely cruise dwindles.

If we don't return in time to make it across the Indian, we need to make some other choices. Australian Customs dictates that the boat needs to be out of Australia no later than November. Once cyclone season starts, the only way to go is south and then west, across the Bight, the Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea and perhaps back to New Zealand. We need to clear out of Australia and into another country. Not our preference, but definitely an alternative.

Stay tuned … we'll update as things happen. In the meantime, enjoy our time on land and in the desert with us because there'll be lots and lots of ocean to cope with soon.