Back to Boston - Brrrr!

Our daily walks around the Stallion Mountain Golf Course in Las Vegas had become quite brisk, with early morning temps in the mid-30s (that's near 0 C). It's cold but with several layers and a hoodie, it's really not bad and by mid-day it's in the 60s again (15-16 C) and very tolerable. Must be a “dry” cold, huh? We left on Wednesday to head back to Boston to spend the rest of the holiday season with Lin and her family. Paul carted us and our 100 pounds of duffels to Vegas' McCarran Airport well before dawn to make our 0655 flight. As we progressed across the country, we could see the snow in the mountains and on the plains. It looked cold. After a very long day and a connection in Chicago's Midway, we arrived in Boston after dark and the cold smacked us in the face as soon as we hit the jetway.

snow on the ground

Lin was waiting for us at the curb and whisked us away to the British Beer Pub in Walpole for her pre-birthday celebration … a night of trivia. Admittedly, this is not our forte, (it requires memory), but the fortification of beer and pub food had a positive effect. As Lin says, we were “wicked smahrt” and our team won (no thanks to us, believe me!). Note this was Lin's “pre-birthday” celebration. Like me, birthdays are a month-long affair.

wicked trivia

Though the temps are in the same range as Las Vegas, the “brrr” seems more pronounced. Perhaps it's the wind that cuts through you like a knife or the humidity that let's the cold penetrate your bones. The daytime temp doesn't rise much above 40 F (4 C) and that “winter's coming” feeling just can't be avoided. We're significantly more layered up here and we've donned our t-necks, heavy socks and winter coats that we keep stored at Lin's. I may have grown up in Massachusetts, but I truly don't enjoy the cold.

Along with the birthday celebration, we're caught up in the pre-Christmas bustle. It's probably good to keep busy now. For all my complaining, I'm glad we're here. We need to get into the spirit of the season. We're working on it.