Finding the Holiday Spirit

It's that time of year when spirits should be running high, but sometimes it's kind of hard to get into the seasonal mood. With Rebecca's recent death and lots of other things on our minds, it's been a challenge to make the transition to jolly, but we're trying. Remembering just how much Rebecca loved Christmas and the holiday season makes it a bit easier. Being in New England with Lin and her family has certainly helped. We picked out a Christmas tree the other day and began to decorate Lin's house.

choosing a christmas tree

We have a new grand-niece and this will be her very first Christmas … definitely something to celebrate.

great auntie and uncle

I first heard, then saw the local flock of wild turkeys traipse trough Lin's yard. We see them at dawn and dusk and they always bring a smile to my face. Tuesday, Lin's cat, watched them carefully, but wisely opted to keep her distance.

wild turkeys

It snowed the other night. Though only an inch or so, it was the first substantial snow of the season and covered the ground, frosting the evergreens, making everything white and clean … at least for awhile.

snow on evergreen boughs

We had a tree-decorating party with just the family last Sunday, and the spirit of the season seems contagious. The excitement of new parents delighting over their baby daughter's smiles and giggles is “chicken soup for the soul”.

daphne smiling

I've done some shopping … the minimal amount possible, but enough to fill the Christmas stockings with fun goodies.

stocking stuffers

Bring on the holidays … we're almost ready.