FAQ - How much inland travel do you do?

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Some folks think that because we do so much sailing, the only places we see are seaports, but quite honestly, whenever we get a chance to do some inland travel, we do. One of the good things about being at sea is that you don't spend any money. So when we arrive in port, I always figure we have “credits” towards some fun inland travel. I also feel it's my duty to make sure we make the best of these credits and use them to our advantage.


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There's so much more to a country than just the seacoast. South America was particularly good for inland travel because riding buses was so inexpensive, convenient and pervasive. The rule of thumb there was $1 / hour of travel. What a bargain. We traveled extensively inland in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Rarely do we fly anywhere unless the place is inaccessible otherwise … like Iquitos, Peru on the Amazon River, for instance.


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If you've followed some of our recent “Reminiscing” blog posts, you'll know that we tend to travel where ever we stop. Where bus transport is not available, we rent a car or take a ferry or a train or borrow bicycles. We've even been known to thumb a ride when nothing else was available. South Africa and Namibia were great for touring in a rental car. Small islands can be hiked, but renting a car on King Island and Easter Island, for instance, allowed us to tour the whole island in just over a day. As an aside, I sold a King Island photo which covered the cost of the car rental … plus a bit more “credit” towards future travel.




David enjoys the “sailing” part of our adventure the most. Though I like the sailing, I enjoy the planning, the “getting there” and the subsequent travel adventures most of all. The world may be 70% water, but that other 30% is definitely worth investigating.


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What about all you cruisers out there? Do you tend to park the boat and do lots of inland travel or do you tend to stay in your arrival port and get to know your local surroundings?

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