Diamonds - a girl's best friend...really?

emerald in colombia


Marilyn Monroe sang it best … “Diamonds are a girl's best friend.” There were several pull-out ads in today's Boston Globe newspaper for diamonds. Rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches … you name it, it was on sale. Maybe because folks have their income tax refunds to spend or maybe because the diamond is the gemstone of the month of April. Maybe it's a good time to get engaged? I don't know. I do know diamonds on a boat don't make much sense. Jewels and expensive baubles, in general, were left behind long ago.


pearls in tahiti


David gave me a beautiful diamond ring for an anniversary gift one year. My sister has it … along with a few other “jewels” I'd accumulated over the years. Having it on the boat just didn't make sense. I seldom wear jewelry other than my gold wedding band and a seahorse on a gold chain. For some reason, high class jewelry and cut-off shorts with t-shirts just don't mesh.


black pearls in gambier


That said, when we visit a country that has a special gemstone associated with it, I feel obligated to buy something to … support the local economy. Yeah, that's it. I bought larimar in the Dominican Republic, emeralds in Colombia, lapis lazuli in Chile and black pearls in Polynesia.


pearls in the cook islands


I haven't purchased any opals in Australia yet, but I just might. In fact, we might find it necessary to go to Coober Peedy, so we can find something I like. And then, of course, I didn't buy gold or diamonds when last in South Africa, but this time … well, there's the local economy to consider.

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