The Blue View - A Good Stopping Point

good stopping point  

The fridge redo project is on hold while I rejoin Marcie in the U.S. The project has exceeded my most pessimistic time projections and still has a ways to go. I typically run over my time projections using the formula: expected time x 2, but I think I may have set a new record this time.

At least the project was at a good stopping point. The major part of the reconstruction is complete. I still have to paint the hatches and door interiors and varnish the exterior surfaces. The cold plate is getting cold, but the gas pressures aren't right and I think I will need to replace the dryer in the refrigeration line on my return.

Beyond that, I only have to replace a couple of counter-tops and the associated teak trim. Then I will re-varnish the entire galley area. A piece of cake - a week or two should do it (times 2 for my formula and then times 2 again for Marcie's formula).

I certainly did learn a lot doing the project. There are a number of shortcuts that could have saved time and all sorts of missteps that could have been avoided. So the next time I do this project I should be much closer to meeting the schedule. That will be when …


when pigs fly


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