Feathered Friend Collectives

I've written about collective nouns for animals before. I've even set up a whole page for them on our website. Some are pretty mundane … a herd of cows, a flock of sheep or a pack of wolves. The ones that intrigue me the most, however, are the collective nouns for specific species of birds. Some of them are descriptive and others are off the wall. See what I mean.

helmeted guinea fowl

A confusion of guinea fowl


masked lapwings

A desert of lapwings



A gulp of swallows


american woodpecker

A descent of woodpeckers


jackal buzzard

A wake of buzzards


yellow eyed canary

An opera of canaries



A mob of emus



A weight of albatross


broad billed sandpiper

A fling of sandpipers



A wobble of ostriches

By the way, a great source of collective nouns for birds is New Zealand Birds.