The Power of MOM

There have been songs and poems about mothers since the beginning of time. She gave you life and nurtured you. She tucked you in, read you bedtime stories, stuck band-aids on your cuts and kissed your boo-boos. She baked cookies and made special meals because she knew your favorites. She brought hot chocolate to the ice-skating pond to warm you up. She loaned you money when you were a bit tight on funds. She told you family stories and sang old songs. She's been an advisor and a confidante. Sometimes the roles reverse and you have the privilege of giving some of that nurturing back to her. For all these things we are grateful. So whether it's Mom, Mother, Ma, Mere, Mama, Grandma, Nana, Abuelita or Yaya… or whether you're an aunt, daughter, sister or a best friend who's mothered and nurtured someone along the way … from here in Cape Town, South Africa … we salute you! Happy Mother's Day.

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