We're thankful for...

happy thanksgiving It's Thanksgiving Day in the USA and here we are in Guyana, quite removed from the family, festivities and feasting … and turkey. We'll make do with chicken and whatever else we can rustle up to go with it … maybe mashed potatoes and, if we're in luck, a little cranberry sauce? We always find a way to celebrate.

We decided to spend a little time en route on our last little passage, making a list of all those things for which we're thankful. We know we're blessed to be living the life we do and it's the perfect time to reflect on just how fortunate we are … especially when you hear us griping about doing boat chores, Here we go … 8 things for which we're most thankful.

  1. Our health

    Man, are we ever lucky in that department. We've had our share of health issues along the way, but nothing catastrophic or continuing. Considering our ages, creeping ever upward, we're in pretty good shape. Neither of us requires any daily medication, except for maybe some Ibuprofen once in awhile. Knock on wood, we hope our good health continues.

  2. Our lifestyle

    We know we lead a charmed life and there's barely a day that passes that we don't think about it. Sailing around the world … our hotel room and restaurant with us. Dawdling indefinitely when we want to; leaving when we decide it's time. Cultural immersion, inland travel, flights home so our family won't forget our faces … it's all part of this wonderful life we lead. No, it's not for everyone, but it's definitely for us.

  3. Our friends and family

    Our family has been supportive of our lifestyle from the start (though they get a bit testy about our absence every once in awhile). We've met so many good cruising friends and wonderful folks in the countries we've visited that have enriched our lives. Then there's you, our readers, who take the time to read and share our experiences with us.

    Special thanks to our niece, Gentry, who's responsible for publishing and maintaining Just A Little Further every single day. And, of course, Lin, Marcie's sister, who pays the bills and handles most every other emergency that pops up and gives us a place to live when we visit Boston. And David's sister, Mary, who feeds us gourmet style and gives up her bed when we visit Las Vegas. Oh, we could just go on and on … we're thankful, you guys, we really are.

  4. Good fortune

    Luck has a lot to do with our continued ability to sail, travel and live aboard. All the planning in the world can't trump plain old good fortune. We've certainly had situations that could have been catastrophes, but have instead been important learning experiences and life lessons. Others we know have not fared as well. Good fortune has been with us and we pray it sticks with us.

  5. How much water there is on Earth

    70% of the Earth's surface is covered in water. We thank God for giving us such a fantastic planet ... so much water and so much world to sail around.

  6. Nine of Cups

    Who could have known back in 2000 when we bought this 1986 Liberty 458 that she'd be our home for the next 15 years and carry us nearly 90,000 miles around the world to exotic places that we'd only dreamed about … and a few we'd never even heard of before. She's seaworthy and sea-kindly.

  7. Our financial situation

    We're not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we saved enough before retiring and now have sufficient income to live comfortably and travel aboard Nine of Cups. It's a combination of hard work, planning and luck, but we're thankful we have the funds to continue living this life.

  8. Each other

    This lifestyle wouldn't work if we weren't both in love with this life of travel and adventure and each other … and all aboard a sailboat.. For 30+ years, we've been soul mates. For the past 15+ years, it's been living this life aboard Nine of Cups. Really …. how could we not be grateful for all we have?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!