Entering Countdown Mode

Midst the holidays and then all the house-buying, thrifting, moving, thrifting, settling in and thrifting, I failed to mention that we did finally make our reservations to head back home to Nine of Cups in Trinidad. After buying the tickets, I tucked the paperwork and our passports in the back of a suitcase and put it out of my mind (but not completely) for a few weeks. The departure date kind of snuck up on us. We've been in the States since mid-December and we've been so busy, we haven't had time to ponder our return to Trinidad. Now in a few days, we'll be there. We are in countdown mode. We depart next week and we're transitioning from “what needs to be done to the house?” to “what does Nine of Cups need?” An errant thought ... we always name our boats, but unless you own a ranch or a plantation or a castle or something, you rarely name your house. We call the house “the Big House” … not very imaginative.

We got lists and lists and lists. To-do lists for finishing up house chores. To-buy lists of parts and other stuff we need to bring back to the boat. To-do lists of business details that need to be finished up before we leave. To-do lists of things to do once we get to Trinidad. Whew! We've even created a master list of lists so we don't forget anything. These have somehow gotten mingled with current grocery lists and download lists and once again, chaos has crept in … but not for long.

lists upon lists

We've dragged out our big duffels and our suitcase and we're trying to figure out how everything is going to fit. If there's even an extra ounce of allowable weight, we'll find something to add.

duffels upon duffels

Are we anxious to get back? We have mixed emotions. After finally getting the new house somewhat settled, we were just about to enjoy the fruits of our labors and now we're leaving. It'll be hot and humid in Trinidad and Cups has no A/C. She also needs lots of attention. We're bringing back a shaft seal for replacement and there's an engine room through-hull which needs replacement as well and a long list of to-do's to get our girl ready for some Caribbean cruising. The usual anti-fouling bottom job will need to be done. We'd commissioned the topsides to be painted before we left and paid half the fee, but have heard nary a word from the painter which is somewhat distressing. Because Cups is on the hard, we'll be living on the hard for a few weeks as well … not the ideal situation. We'll deal with it all when we get back, but it doesn't seem all that appealing at this moment. Once we're back aboard, have the chores completed and we're in the water, it'll all be a distant memory and a story to tell. In the meantime, you'll get to live it with us. Stay tuned.

on the hard