A Year Ago on Just a Little Further (11/18-11/24)

What a difference a year makes!  What Nine of Cups and Crew were doing a year ago this week (click on links for full posts):



"I really dislike snakes. David is ambivalent towards them, but there’s no ambivalence for me. I mean I REALLY dislike them. There are lots of snakes in Australia. In fact, there are about 170 different species of snakes here on land and in the sea. Eight of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world call Australia home, yet snakes are protected animals in Australia. To make you feel better, only 25 of these baddies are actually capable of killing humans. What a relief! Not that I wish them harm, but geez, they seem to have enough protection of their own with all that venom."


black snake


"A chandlery to us is a shop that specializes in boating equipment, gear and parts. We think as large as West Marine and Defender or as small and parts-deprived as Moe’s in the Cook Islands."


chandlery at oyster cove

In Search of the White Wallaby

"We rose with the sun, packed our picnic lunch and headed in the marina’s courtesy van to the ferry dock. We caught the 0745 car ferry to Bruny Island and began my day late, but not forgotten, birthday celebration. First and foremost today, I wished to see and photograph a Bruny Island white wallaby."


white wallaby