A Year Ago on Just a Little Further - Oct. 21-27th

What a difference a year makes!  What Nine of Cups and Crew were doing a year ago this week (click on links for full posts):


davids ticket











Our Day in Court

"To test the legal system, David got a speeding ticket on the way back to Kettering formally known as a Tasmanian Police Infringement Notice. The constable was courteous, but stern. He issued a “conditional caution”, so David is now “in the system”."


margate train shops












Margate Train

"Did you ever pass by something along the road, kind of wonder what it was, but never stop. That’s how it was with the Margate Train. Margate is a little town we pass through along the Channel Highway every time we head to Kingston to grocery shop. The train is not a replica; it’s the real thing and every time we went by, we said “We should stop there..."














Bloomin' Tasmania

"David can be very crafty. So this morning when he said “How about going to the Botanical Gardens today? I’ve already reserved the courtesy van”, I was immediately suspicious.

“Sure”, I said.

“It’s right on the way to Bunnings (a la Home Depot) and ENZED for more hydraulic fittings” he responded without so much as a sneaky grin."