Another Lost Day...and a few laughs

We've lost a day again. We never seem to find those days once they're lost. We left on Tuesday and somewhere over the Pacific, when we least expected it, it was Thursday and Wednesday flew the coop with no trace. This is really too bad as we need all the days we can get right now.  



Luckily, though we were flying on different airlines, we were at least on the same plane and the same flight. David flew in the Virgin Australia section which happened to be in the seat next to my Delta section. We flew in coach class, but service on Virgin/Delta international flights is pretty good. They serve a couple of reasonably edible meals with beverages and snacks in between. There are more movies to choose from, both new and classic, than one could possibly watch and there's all types of music and games and TV series. Then, of course, there's the free wine.

One of my favorite pastimes on long flights, when I'm bored with movies, not eating, drinking, playing on my i-Pad or snoozing is to look at the SkyMall magazine of “new and innovative products”. This is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of the flights because we know people actually spend their money on many of these products. Let's take the astro-turf with a scented hydrant for dogs ... great for apartments and condos. No walking the dog, but you still need to pick up the poop.


dog hydrant


Or how about a plastic singing gondolier that floats around your swimming pool and serenades you?




Maybe you need Skele-Gnomes in your garden? We thought gnomes were bad enough, but the skeleton version of them is over-the-top.




You could choose a life-size yeti (what is life size for a yeti, by the way?) or an Easter Island moai statue, a flying super weiner or perhaps a velociraptor would be more to your liking. It really depends on your taste and your garden and, of course, your budget.


skymall collage


Long flights require odd and sustaining types of amusement.